About The Sales Engineer

TSE was created in 2008 with the goal of sharing best practices among Sales Engineers (SEs) and bringing additional formalization to the profession. Technical sales involves a combination of many skills and the role is only becoming a bigger aspect of enterprise sales as solutions continue to evolve in both breadth and complexity. Topics that TSE covers include:

  • Sales process
  • Qualification and discovery
  • Presentation
  • Demonstration
  • Evaluations
  • Competitive positioning
  • Book and training course reviews

Anyone who is in a technical, customer-facing will benefit from this content and is encouraged to subscribe via RSS, email, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

About the Editor

darrinDarrin Mourer has over 15 years’ experience in technical sales serving in various capacities. He has served on and managed teams in presales, professional services, and technical support. He has managed customer segments from SMB to Fortune 50, commercial to government, and channel to direct sales. After supporting 600 SEs as a national product specialist he had the unique opportunity to pilot a new role capturing and recreating best practice content such as trial guides, presentations, and canned demos in order to accelerate sales for the whole company.

It is during this time Darrin really attempted to learn and distill the best of what the most senior and successful SEs did differently than others. This process led to many insights which initially resulted in an internal company blog for other SEs. After some SEs had left the company, there were many requests to continue to receive that content. After one too many manual emails, the idea to create a public-facing resource was conceived. Since that time Darrin has spent a¬†considerable¬†amount of time outside of day jobs searching out content which helps us mature the technical sales profession. We hope that you’ll subscribe and keep up with the journey.