Last Post at TSE – Announcing OPTAM

March 27, 2008 marked the inaugural post at The Sales Engineer. In the 8 years I have been writing here I have been afforded the chance to broaden my relationships and understanding of my profession through my interaction with some great people I have met through this site.

The practice of being an SE matures slowly but steadily. During this time I have seen some excellent developments in the resources SEs and SE managers have at their disposal to increase the capabilities of themselves and their teams. One thing has been missing though… Let me explain.

About 2 years ago I was catching up on email. I had received a note from a reader asking if I knew of any certifications on presales. Normally I would reply with an answer I’ve used before which is “No, but I wish there was!”. This time, however, it happened to be the 3rd such request in a week. In that moment I (finally…) decided to do something about it. So I started having some discussions with other like-minded SEs, and we agreed to pool our experience to launch the first ever SE certification!


You would think putting together a few hundred questions based on experience you already knew and publishing it on a website would be easy. It wasn’t.

It took us over two years to develop, refine, sign vendors, QA, beta, revise, and publish our results. The result of our effort was the Certified Technical Sales Professional exam. In order to manage the credential and establish an independent organization to manage this project and others, we created the Organization for Professional Technical Account Management–OPTAM for short.

Transitioning The Sales Engineer

I will now be writing at OPTAM instead of TSE, mainly because I don’t have time to write for two sites. I will keep this site here indefinitely for reference purposes and may cross post for a month or two, but my efforts are on OPTAM moving forward.

Please connect with us via the following:
Blog URL:
RSS feed:
LinkedIn: (includes blog updates)
Twitter: @OPTAM_Online (includes blog updates)
Email: If you are an email subscriber, your subscription will remain intact, though you may want to ensure is whitelisted. For new email subscribers just visit the blog URL and enter your email address.

This has been a great journey and I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Having your viewership is an honor and I sincerely hope you’ll join me (and other contributors) at our new home!

– Darrin Mourer, CTSP