SE Resources

Below is a list of  SE-oriented resources. I’ll keep this list updated over time so if you know of any other adds, please send them my way.



Making the Technical Sale – A great book that I got a lot out of. A must have for the SE library.
Mastering Technical Sales– A great book and the most comprehensive book on SEs and SE organizations I have come across. A must have for the SE library—especially for managers.
The Evolving Sales Engineer  – A nice-to-have resource for SE managers and more senior SEs looking to add some more tools to their belt.
The 7 Rules of Sales Engineering – A short and focused book that will really assist those with involved/pivotal product demonstrations.


Great Demo! – A great book that provides a process for delivering highly targeted demos to your customers
Demonstrating To Win! – General best practices and tips/tricks
slide:ology – Learn the fundamentals of communicating with slides
Beyond Bullet Points– Important for learning how to organize highly technical content
Presentation Zen – Move your presentations from good to elegant. The alternate title would be: How to Present like Steve Jobs


Any specific book on sales methodology – I liked Solution Selling and SPIN Selling, but really just go with any recommendation from a sales rep you respect. The important concept you take away is understanding how a rep or sales team internalizes the role.
The E-myth Revisited – Conveys the importance of building repeatable success
Getting Things Done – Gives you a framework for organizing your life. Actually, read all three David Allen books.
Everything written by Seth Godin. My top three are Purple Cow, The Dip, and Permission Marketing
How to Win Friends and Influence People – The seminal text book of building relationships
Never Eat Alone – Relationship building 301 for professionals
Moonwalking with Einstein – An engaging account of a memory competition that will get you started with systems to organize and remember large amounts of information (technical in our case)
The Game – Let there be no doubt in your mind that interpersonal communication is a skill that can be learned and mastered



Mastering Technical Sales – Based off the book and a must-subscribe. Run by John Care, it has a great focus on being an SE and running an SE organization.
Engineers Can Sell– Another great SE blog. Eric Bono focuses on the daily trials and tribulations of being an SE. You’ll find a ton of great day-to-day tactical tips here. – A long time website and blog run by Phil Janus, a technical sales consultant.
Sales Engineer Guy – The SE Guy focuses on a variety of topics of interest to those selling enterprise software.
Tech Demo Guy – An SE blog focusing on demos by Dave Sohigian.
WeirdSE – A video blog by the self proclaimed “Weird SE” –Steve Ottana. Some will like the format, some won’t, but the message is solid. Plus, I’m guessing it won’t put you to sleep either.


Second Derivative – Website and blog of author Peter Cohan of Great Demo!. Provides a lot of information on delivering demos to customers.


Sales Engineer Overview– Wikipedia – Basic but accurate. In my “spare” time I plan on making a significant contribution.
The Role of Sales Engineer in Technical Sales– Pragmatic Marketing – I’m a big fan of Pragmatic Marketing and would recommend Product Management training even for SEs. They generally do a great job of defining role contributions on PM teams and the article does shed some light on the SE role from a PM perspective.
Sales Engineers Occupational Outlook – Bureau of Labor Statistics Handbook, 2008-09 Edition – Informational but nothing earth shattering. I find the salary data to be way out of whack (on the downside) with the software industry; not sure about others. Comments?
Summary Report for Sales Engineers – Occupational Information Network – Very decent list-based synopsis of the SE role.
How to Become a Sales Engineer– – Maybe I’ll contribute here too; way too simplistic.
Sales Engineer Formal Job Description – U.S. University Directory – Somewhat of a rehash of the BLS report.
Sales Engineer Careers, Jobs and Training Information – Career Overview  – Somewhat of a rehash of the BLS report.
What “Sales Engineers” Do–  – A 1st person account of what an SE does.

I may add subcategories (like presentation, demos, etc.) based on future need or by request.