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Just, Why… People?

Have you ever had that annoying conversation with someone where it took you having to ask several questions before you could get a simple explanation as to “why”? Those who are around young kids a lot are usually on the other end of that conversation with a seemingly endless stream of “why’s” when trying to […]



How often do you get “commitments” from others that are: a) Noncommittal – “I’ll try to get that for you by Friday” b) Vague – “It should take 1-3 weeks to get a response” or my personal favorite “We’ll be by your home between 9a and 2p” c) Broken – The data you were promised […]


Don’t Be This Guy

While I have gone through a fairly rigorous set of writing/grammar classes in the past, I don’t consider myself a grammar nazi. Those who live in glass houses and all… But there is a definite time and place to ensure that your communications (both verbal and non) are crisp and as perfected as possible. When […]


Whiteboarding Mastery

Oh how the simple act of a technical whiteboard session has matured over the last 15 years since my humble beginnings as a newly minted SE. As a followup to my Storytelling Mastery article, I realized I had somewhat neglected one of my most important tools in conveying information. Here are a few things whiteboarding […]