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Storytelling Mastery

Presentation, if done well, is essentially applied storytelling. And the practice and art of storytelling is one of the defining characteristics of a great SE. As I reflect on both the areas where I have excelled and the areas I would like to improve–interestingly–they wind up being the same thing. And that thing is the […]


Death By Committee

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like more and more product/buying decisions are being delegated to large cross functional groups or formal committee’s. Now, this is likely due to procurement changes that have been implemented post recession. But selling to groups presents a unique challenge to sales teams and SEs that require special considerations. […]


Why Google Sucks

When I first got started in this business you really had to know your stuff cold. That meant that you couldn’t rely on every possible answer to a technical question being just a Google search away. I was, just like our customers, forced to memorize a lot of pedantic technical data. I recognize this has […]


You’re Not Paid by the Slide!

Picture this scenario: You’re sitting in the middle of a presentation. The presenter is on slide 5 (out of who knows how many) and you find yourself completely bored. Worse, you’re not really trying to hide how bored you are and it’s visibly apparent everyone else is bored as well, but the presenter roles on […]