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What can you (SE’s) stop doing in the new year?

If you’ve seen one too many posts on resolutions for the coming year like I have, I’m sure the last thing you want to see is another list of things to add to your growing stack of todo’s. So I wanted to take the opposite frame and list out some things you can safely stop […]

Creating Situational Awareness in the Technical Sales Process

I recently came across this blog from Gartner Group’s Hank Barnes on the subject of creating situational awareness inside the sales organization. This plainly has a direct corollary inside the SE organization so I thought it would be good to think about how we¬†could apply that to our own deals. In order to keep this […]

Do Customer References Matter More than Product Features?

I was recently pointed to this WSJ article entitled¬†The Secret to Turning Consumers Green. The topic of the article is irrelevant, but the techniques documented inside paint a very interesting picture about how individuals make decisions. These findings should not be ignored by Sales Engineers when designing a pitch. Let’s look at one of the […]

Should You Demo on the First Customer Meeting?

I recently got into a discussion with a colleague about whether it’s appropriate to do a demo on the first call with a new prospect. This SE was frustrated because there is no qualification work being done prior to jumping on the call with a customer. This is resulting in qualification and demo-customization on the […]