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Do Customer References Matter More than Product Features?

I was recently pointed to this WSJ article entitled┬áThe Secret to Turning Consumers Green. The topic of the article is irrelevant, but the techniques documented inside paint a very interesting picture about how individuals make decisions. These findings should not be ignored by Sales Engineers when designing a pitch. Let’s look at one of the […]

Should You Demo on the First Customer Meeting?

I recently got into a discussion with a colleague about whether it’s appropriate to do a demo on the first call with a new prospect. This SE was frustrated because there is no qualification work being done prior to jumping on the call with a customer. This is resulting in qualification and demo-customization on the […]

Getting Rid of Those (F)Ugly Charts

It’s rare to see a corporate slide deck today that doesn’t start with “defining the business case” either via some statistics, charts, or newspaper clippings. Although not entirely inappropriate to throw up some charts (pun intended), I find most examples to be lacking in either punch, clarity, or aesthetics–sometimes all three. Here is the process […]

500 Connections and a Picture, period.

I came across this article a few weeks back and it got me thinking about how SEs leverage (or don’t leverage) social media. I’m pretty sure that just about every SE in the world uses LinkedIn, even if it’s just to find out a bit of background about a company before a meeting. But I […]