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When it all goes wrong…and it will

Today’s featured article is a guest post by SE Director and recent author of The 7 Rules of Sales Engineering–Jay Kiros. — Perhaps it’s the pessimist in me, or maybe the fact I have been burned one too many times – We need to face a reality. When it comes to software demonstrations things will […]


The 7 Rules of Sales Engineering – The Review

SE Director, and now author, Jay Kiros set out to write a book that could convey his essential lessons learned about being an SE. Targeted at the busy Sales Engineer, these lessons are packaged in a simple to digest set of 7 rules. Jay was nice enough to send me a copy. Being that I […]


Snooze an email, perfectly size a window, never misspell

I have a trio of new utilities I’ve been using that are great little timesavers. The first one will help with those annoying email messages you don’t want to look at right now. The second will always get your windows the perfect size for those screen shots, and the third will ensure you always have […]


Top Ten Things That Irked Us in 2013

Not to be outdone by the ad nauseam attempts to create click-worthy, year-end lists, I have created a tongue-in-cheek look at the top ten things that probably gave each of us a stir in 2013. As an added constraint, each of these items had to come across my desk this year, either via friend or […]