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You’re Not Paid by the Slide!

Picture this scenario: You’re sitting in the middle of a presentation. The presenter is on slide 5 (out of who knows how many) and you find yourself completely bored. Worse, you’re not really trying to hide how bored you are and it’s visibly apparent everyone else is bored as well, but the presenter roles on […]


The Top 8 Cloud Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

All of us are already spending a good deal of time leveraging cloud apps for our business. SalesForce, DropBox, EverNote, Google Apps, etc. are all ubiquitous at this point. There are, however, some newer tools that I’ve been dabbling with that are not as widely known. Prezi  The biggest downside of using PowerPoint is that […]


Are you carrying your weight?

If you really want to up your game and look good while doing it, I have an exercise for you. I’m assuming that on a somewhat regular basis, you finish up after a hard day/week/quarter and you feel exhausted but you’re just not sure where your time went or what you got accomplished. Depending on […]


Hi, and you are…?

I came across this really good quote on LinkedIn the other day. Of course, while that sounds all well and good, until that time: how we are introduced (or how we introduce ourselves) is supremely more important than most realize. Please rewind to your last joint sales call with your rep. After he (or she) introduced […]