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Hi, and you are…?

I came across this really good quote on LinkedIn the other day. Of course, while that sounds all well and good, until that time: how we are introduced (or how we introduce ourselves) is supremely more important than most realize. Please rewind to your last joint sales call with your rep. After he (or she) introduced […]


When All (Attention) Is Lost

Have you ever made it several minutes in to your presentation only to feel like your prospect couldn’t care less what you had to say? I experienced that (thankfully rare) feeling the other day while my rep was presenting the opening to the call. It’s tempting to just blame the prospect and assume they aren’t […]

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It’s Time to Nuke Your Company’s Logo Slide

There is no one right way to organize your pitch. There certainly are better ways than others, and even the best answer is influenced by the situation. By tackling the right subjects in the correct order, you’ll speed their ability to absorb information, while allowing for a significantly more fluid discussion. So how can you […]


When it all goes wrong…and it will

Today’s featured article is a guest post by SE Director and recent author of The 7 Rules of Sales Engineering–Jay Kiros. — Perhaps it’s the pessimist in me, or maybe the fact I have been burned one too many times – We need to face a reality. When it comes to software demonstrations things will […]