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Getting Rid of Those (F)Ugly Charts

It’s rare to see a corporate slide deck today that doesn’t start with “defining the business case” either via some statistics, charts, or newspaper clippings. Although not entirely inappropriate to throw up some charts (pun intended), I find most examples to be lacking in either punch, clarity, or aesthetics–sometimes all three. Here is the process […]


500 Connections and a Picture, period.

I came across this article a few weeks back and it got me thinking about how SEs leverage (or don’t leverage) social media. I’m pretty sure that just about every SE in the world uses LinkedIn, even if it’s just to find out a bit of background about a company before a meeting. But I […]


Just, Why… People?

Have you ever had that annoying conversation with someone where it took you having to ask several questions before you could get a simple explanation as to “why”? Those who are around young kids a lot are usually on the other end of that conversation with a seemingly endless stream of “why’s” when trying to […]



How often do you get “commitments” from others that are: a) Noncommittal – “I’ll try to get that for you by Friday” b) Vague – “It should take 1-3 weeks to get a response” or my personal favorite “We’ll be by your home between 9a and 2p” c) Broken – The data you were promised […]